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Affordable & Low Cost Any Purpose Secured Personal Homeowner Loan

Low Rate Secured Loans 24-7.co.uk

We are a friendly approachable face in the low rate secured loans UK homeowner market place. We pride ourselves on sourcing the very best any purpose personal loan service, even for people with an adverse credit history, self employed, refused credit elsewhere and bad credit secured loans etc ...

If you are looking for a cheap secured loan, rest assured, we will source the cheapest secured loans at the best rates available tailored to your particular financial circumstances.

Secured loans for homeowners are available for many different purposes including debt consolidation - whether you simply wish to consolidate all your existing credit into one monthly repayment to enable you to keep track of your finances or you just want to reduce the amount you pay each month - contact Secured Loans 24-7.co.uk for an in principle decision.

Homeowner finance is available in varying amounts and can be used for different purposes. The amount borrowed is repaid monthly for a term agreed which can range from three years right up to twenty five years however, this can vary from one Lender to another not to mention your individual financial circumstances. You can, with some Lenders, be charged a penalty if you repay the amount borrowed earlier than agreed and you should check with the Lender regarding this.

This type of borrowing can be for an amount that requires the borrower to provide the Lender with a form of security and in these particular instances, the security will be in the form of the applicants property whether it is mortgaged or not - as a general rule, this type of borrowing is easier to obtain than unsecured finance, due mainly to the Lender having the added security offered by the borrower.

If you, as a borrower, encounter problems with making the monthly repayments, please seek advice immediately from your Lender - remember, your property acts as security and it is at risk in the event of any repayment problems you may experience. The earlier you seek help, the more sympathetic your Lender is likely to be - you can also get advice from your local branch of the Citizens Advice Bureau, also known as the CAB.

Same Day Pay Day Loans

Would a small cash advance of between 80 and 750 benefit you until your next pay day - perhaps you are running short of cash or you would like an instant same day pay day loan whilst you are waiting for your secured loan application to process through ... with our NEW quick and easy online application, you could have the money in your bank account today.

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Secured Loans Overview & Benefits

Secured homeowner loans finance is available in any amount from 5000 - your valuation is paid, completion time is approx. 2 - 4 weeks, no early repayment charges on your mortgage or re-mortgage and our secured personal homeowner loans are available over 30 years ...

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Secured Loans

Best Deals Available | Low Cost & Affordable Secured Homeowner Loans - Any Purpose

Homeowner Loan Application

ALL UK homeowners welcome to apply.

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Loan Q & A's - Your Questions Answered
Questions & Answers
A selection of the more general Q & A's.

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Secured Lending Definition

We hear the term 'secured loans', also described as homeowner loans and secured home loans banded about just about everywhere on the high street and on the internet but what is the secured lending definition?

A secured loan requires the borrower or homeowner to provide some form of security for the lender - in the majority of secured loan applications, the security will be the borrower's property regardless of whether there is any mortgage outstanding or whether it is owned outright.

Trumpo Loans Finance

NEW to Secured Loans 24-7.co.uk is Trumpo Loans - allowing applicants to apply for any purpose finance from award winning loan providers.

Trumpo Loans welcome applications from people with a poor credit history and being lending specialists in the unsecured loans industry, they are able to offer unsecured finance and secured loans to people who often find it difficult to obtain credit elsewhere.

Trumpo are not a new name on the block, they are a leading award winning loan provider based here in the UK.

Applying online for a Trumpo unsecured loan couldn't be more simple - just fill out the quick and easy online application form.

Here's a quick recap on what Real Personal Finance offer:

  • Borrow £750 - £100,000
  • Tenants Considered
  • CCJ's | Unemployed | On Benefits Considered
  • No Application Fee
  • Any Purpose Loans

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Provident Personal Credit

A household name you can trust - Provident Personal Credit are the UK and Republic of Ireland's leading home collection credit company - Provident offer small, unsecured personal loans to customers from all walks of life, more often than not, to people with a poor credit rating, even applicants with CCJ's, defaults and arrears can apply for a small unsecured loan with Provident Personal Credit.

Provident even consider people who have been refused credit elsewhere - people with a less than perfect credit history, people other loan providers will not welcome.

For well over 100 years, Provident have been helping generations of people buy the things they really want or need.

You can apply online now for a small unsecured loan between £50 and £500 for any purpose and by using the friendly door-to-door service, you can rest assured, your customer needs will be serviced by an appointed Provident Personal Credit Agent.

Here's a quick recap on what Real Personal Finance offer:

  • Borrow £50 - £500
  • Renting (Unfurnished) Considered
  • CCJ's | Unemployed | On Benefits Considered
  • NO Application Fee
  • NO Surprises Any Purpose Loans
  • NO Missed Payment Fees

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